Facebook Ads Services

Facebook Ads Services

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3 Months of Ad Services
Regularly $4500

Pay a $500 deposit to secure your dates by 12/31/18 and save $1000!*

*Deposits are nonrefundable, but can be applied to different services if you find you don’t want to move forward with Facebook Ads. Flexible monthly payment plans are available for the remaining balance.

Are you ready for Facebook Ads?

I know it takes a big mindset shift to pay a service provider $1k+ a month, in addition to your ad spend.

But what's the alternative if you go it alone?

I'll give you a hint.... a lot of wasted time and even more wasted money.

Here's the thing. Every single thing you do for your business is someone else's full-time job in the corporate world. Especially marketing. It's literally impossible for you to do it all. Especially when it comes to paid traffic- where the game is constantly changing, you need someone in your corner who stays up to date on the latest trends.

You need to spend time creating the content. Teaching the students.
Inspiring your ideal target audience.
NOT sweating the details of navigating Facebook Ads Manager (which btw is ALWAYS changing) and always wondering if your results are good or terrible.

You need a system and a process to get steady leads into your business, so you can market your current products to them AND engage with them to make new products that meet their needs. So you have a course, or a membership, and you've already sold it to your email list, or maybe you're using an affiliate model to get leads in that you can market to. Chances are you're relying on organic or search engine traffic too. You're making sales, but they aren't anywhere close to consistent or predictable and a lot of times, you're stuck in the feast or famine of periodic launches.

Maybe you've seen other experts on bragging on about their results, dangling the carrot that Facebook is an ATM machine. Put in $1, Facebook spits back out $4.

They make it seem SO easy, like a no-brainer decision to put your eggs in the Facebook Ads basket.

The secret about Facebook Ads that the gurus don't tell you- is that You buy a course and try to work your way through it, while still trying to maintain your current workload pumping out blog posts, writing emails, and all the other things you need to get done in a day.

But Facebook is changing its Ad Manager all. the. time.


Every time I login, it's different.

Chances are the person who made the Facebook Ads course you bought, hasn't updated it. So it's even more confusing trying to learn how to set up your ads from an outdated course.

And then once your ads are running, you're flying blind.

You have no context to know if your results are typical, good, just a waste of time and money....

Working with me is different.

Trust me (or ask my past clients).

Having me run your ads is like taking a course AND having your ads done for you all at the same time.

Think of all the time you'll save.

If you spend just 1 hour a day checking on your ads, watching videos, or searching for answers on Google... That's 30 hours a month.

What else can you do with 30 hours?

Every thing you do for your business is someone's full-time job in the corporate world. That they spent at least 4 years Plus, I'll patiently answer any questions you have.

I'll explain what I'm seeing in your results and why I'm making the optimization choices I'm making as I go.

And I know you can take everything you learn from working with me and run your ads yourself when we're done.

But I'm hoping you won't want to. (what else can you do with 20 hours a month?)

This is my zone of genius.

I take this job seriously and I don't settle for OK results. I keep testing and tweaking until your Facebook Ads reach rockstar status.

Plus, I belong to multiple groups of Facebook Ad Managers who run ads for the big guns, and meet regularly to compare and give each other tips and tricks.

You want me and my friends in your corner.

It will be worth every penny (in just the time you save NOT trying to learn ads yourself).


This Deal is best for Online Entrepreneurs who have a core or premium offer, like a course or membership, and already know their offer converts.

If you’re not quite there yet, book a call and I’ll help you choose a different plan.


I’m also offering $100 off my pixel and audience set up package.

Regularly $300. 

Includes Pixel Setup and Pinterest Tag Installation with creation of up to 10 custom and lookalike audiences, including a Lifetime Value Lookalike Audience which helps Facebook find people that are not only similar to your buyers, BUT similar to your BEST buyers, based on the amount of money they have spent with you.

This is the very first step to having success with Facebook ads, and the longer you have it installed before you run ads, the more data Facebook can learn about your audience, leading to greater success when you do run ads.

$200 when you buy before 12/31/18.

Our clients

Examples of my work

All Packages Include:

  • Campaign Strategy Planning Document outlining Goals/Objectives, Budget, and Audiences so you can get a clear picture of the plan for your paid advertising.
  • Templates for Planning Ad Copy/Images
  • Written Wrap-Up Report
  • Zoom Wrap-Up Call or Screen share Video to explain results
  • Shared Google Drive Folder
  • Pixel and Audience Set Up
  • Coaching on Funnel Improvements throughout the campaign based on results.

For example– are people clicking on your ad, but not signing up? We’ll talk about ways you can improve your landing page to boost conversions. Are people clicking and signing up, but not buying your intro offer? Again, we’ll take a look at your sales page and make suggestions.*

  • Access to ask me questions on Facebook Messenger or Voxer, and I’ll keep you up to date on what I’m seeing with your ads throughout the campaigns.
  • Results tracking and reporting.
  • Monitoring and optimization. This means– I’ll turn things on and off based on success metrics so you get the most bang for your buck.
* I can also make these changes for you, depending on the scope, they may require an additional fee.


Evergreen List Building

My standard package is $1500/month for evergreen list building.

This includes lead generation, engagement/lead nurturing, sales and retargeting for your evergreen funnel. There is a process to Evergreen List Building funnels that could take up to 3 months to reach profitability, depending upon your funnel’s conversion rate and how your audience responds. It is important to do a lot of testing in the beginning. So be prepared to have the budget to get the data and be ready and willing to act on what we discover.


Lead generation campaigns to test a lead magnet, creative, or audiences are $750 for 2 weeks.

Product Launches for Proven Funnels

If you have a proven funnel, launched your product before and know your conversion rate, launch packages start at $3000 for 6-8 weeks of list building, ads for a pre-launch video series, and sales ads/retargeting for open cart. You can add on additional months of list building for $1000/month.

If you are running a video series (ala PLF) and want a Bot to send reminders there is an additional $500 set up fee, which includes templates so you can write the necessary copy. If you want me to also write the copy, the total fee to add a Bot is $1000.

If your launch will include a webinar, with list building and retargeting, the product launch ad package is $4500 and includes Bot set up with Many Chat.


Product Launches for New Products

I prefer to work on campaigns for products that have launched before, at least once. However, I do accept launch projects for unproven funnels under certain conditions. Please complete the Facebook Ads Intake Form and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to chat and see if your project is a good fit.

If you have not launched your product, and want to ease into Facebook ads by supplementing your email marketing with ads, I can run sales and retargeting ads only for $750 during the open-cart period to your warm audiences as a supplement to your email campaigns.

I also offer list-building campaigns at $750 for 2 weeks of testing.


Not Sure Which Package is Best for You?

Click the button below to complete the Facebook Ads Intake Form and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to chat!